IVOLOGY is a practitioner owed mobile medical spa,that offers a variety of services to assist it clients in feeling the best they can.

Services Offered:

  • Hydration Therapy
  • Weight Loss Assistance
  • Ketmaine therapy by IV for depression
  • General medical care

Information about "Hydration Therapy"

Our "IV-Ologists" will numb and cleanse an area in the antecubital space of your arm (crease of the elbow).

A small, winged needle will be placed into the vein after which a primed tube with IV fluids and electrolytes or "enhancers" such as Torodol (pain), B12 (energy), Vit C (Immunity health) that will be mixed by your IV-Ologist which will be attached to the primed tube and secured.

After the tube is secured you will be given a warm blanket, eye mask and headphones attached to an IPad with all of your favorite stations by Pandora being played while you relax.

You can also watch TV, Sit by the fire place or relax and sleep in a beautiful 35ft contemporary trailer for the next 35-45 min while the infusion kicks in. Afterward you will notice a slight bout of energy and a feeling of being rejuvenated.

Your Iv-ologist can give you a shot of B12 for energy enhancement.

Thirsty yet? Just drip it!